Great Vibrations Has Gone Virtual!

Remote Virtual Fitness Training

How can we make our 30 minute workout even more convenient? We bring it to wherever you are!

Join our live sessions with a real trainer from anywhere!

Same personalized workout, accountability and motivation as if you were in the gym in person.  You are part of the group interaction.  With or without a vibration plate you will enjoy the benfits of guided training format.

Missing not have a plate for your workout?  Check out our Equipment Sales page for great deals on not only whole body vibrations plates but for all types of professional grade fitness equipment for home or office.
We use Zoom to connect for remote training.  Member will need to provide their own computer/tablet/phone to connect.

Pick a Virtual Vibration Session to Join!

Just like when you book a time to come to the gym, simply log in to your MindBody account on your phone and find one of our Virtual Vibrations training sessions and click the Book button.

Prefer to use you computer to book?  Use the link below to access the MindBody website.





Setting Up for Success

Working out at home doesn't require a fully equipped gym but there are a few things that can help make the most of your workout.

  • Level, Non-Slip Surface - make sure you have a clear area to move around
  • Good Shoes - just like what what you would wear to the gym
  • Hand Holds - if you feel like you need support, workout near a high back dining chair, kitchen counter or banister
  • Hand Weights - an inexpensive set of hand weights all less than 5 lbs will be plenty or use canned food (just make sure you can keep a good grip) or soda bottle or milk jugs filled with water.
  • Vibration Plate - while not required, a personal vibration plate can definitely make your workout more effective plus you have the benefit of using it anytime for life's aches and pains.​

INTERESTED IN A PLATE AT HOME...we offer affordable options for $499.99 plus sales tax!!  Give us a call or text at 402-917-5762!

Join Your Booked Session Online!

Starting about 5 minutes before your scheduled class time you can join our online session hosted on Zoom.  Your home internet speeds may impact the continuty of your connection to the session.  When asked please accept requests to access your devices camera and audio for the best experience.

Once connected you will be greeted by one of our trainers and asked for your name so we can check you into the roster.

Want to verify your setup before you first session? Try here: 

Need more help....try Zoom Support

To access on a computer download software here:

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If the button below doesn't work you can use this link to join:

Check Out Our Workout Library!!

We get it!  Its not always possible make a workout at a certain time.  Check out our workout library and pick one to do anytime!



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