We recently hosted an information session on nutrition and its role in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Working out hard but not fueling your body will often lead to poor results.

Coach Heather and Aaron from our partner FreshFitMeals recently presented information on understanding your InBody Assessment Report and how to use that information in formulating a successful food plan.

For your reference here is a handout capturing some of the key information from the information session. Print it out and follow along.

Download this example of an InBody Assessment Report to understand the key indicators and what they mean. This is a useful tool to identify some of your daily base nutritional requirements as well as understand your progress towards your goal. The scale is not always the best indicator of success. Inbody Assessment allows you a better assessment of progress to a healthier you!

Looking for other meal plan options? We can help. We are offering a one month subscription to meal plans via Evolution Nutrition for a special rate of $50. We set up your meal plan based on your InBody Assessment and aligned to your macro nutrient requirements. Download the overview to learn more.