Managing Your Own Schedule

We know it’s hard enough to make time to get a workout into your busy day so we have been making some improvements in our website, Facebook pages, and MindBody Mobile App to make scheduling easier. Get started managing your schedule right here, right now! MINDBODY Scheduling is available from our website.

Manage Your Schedule On The Go!

Life happens! Plans change! Your day goes sideways!

You can quickly modify your schedule on the go with the MindBody Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Simply download the mobile app to your phone using the button provided below. Using this button will ensure, once you have the app installed and create your account, that you are directly taken to a list of our locations!

Now you can add, cancel or reschedule a class right from your phone. If only everything in life were so simple!!

When creating your MindBody Mobile app account it goes smoother if you use the same email you use to book classes on the website or where you get your email reminders as well as the same first and last name.

The MindBody Mobile App has a lot of features like adding your class to your calendar, sending you reminders, etc. You can check out all the feature on their Support site.

It's stuff like this that actually makes a smart phone smart!!

Addicted To Facebook?? Schedule There!

Addicted To Facebook?? Schedule There!

You don't even have to cut into your Facebook time to manage your class schedule. Just use the Class Schedule option on the left side of any of our Great Vibrations Facebook pages. You can use the options at the top of the page to filter by locations, date, time of day, etc.

Click on the Login/Sign Up button on the desired class. Follow the prompts to login with your email and password and book your class. Once logged in you can also review your already scheduled classes and cancel and re-book class as needed.

Unfortunately this only works within Facebook from your desktop computer and not from a mobile device. We know that's a bummer! But you can use the MindBody Mobile app when you are on the go!

Oh! And you can share your class booking on your Facebook profile so everyone can know you are rockin' it at the gym!

Schedule From The MindBody Online Website!

Most of us have probably been scheduling using the MindBody Online website. It gets the job done but it is not optimal for use from your smart phone.  

You can view your schedule on the My Info tab using the My Schedule option. To cancel a session, click on Cancel link on the right.  

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