Options To Fit Your Budget

Options To Fit Your Budget

Just as we beleive in a different approach to exercise and fitness, we also believe in a different approach to pricing than a "big box" gym. 

First, we always have options for you to try us for FREE before you commit to a membership.  We want you to see the difference for yourself!  

Second, we don't beleive in hidden fees. It's those initiation fees, key card fees, member account set up fees, etc. that turn a really low monthly charge into an expensive membership at most chain gyms.

Third, you don't pay extra for a trainer to be engaged with you during your workout....that's what we do.  If you aren't sure about an exercise or something doesn't feel right, we are right there.  We work with only a small group of clients per session.  

Fourth, we know your name!  It might not sound important but we know from research that if you workout with an accountability partner you will see greater success.  You tell us you goals and we help you on that journey as part of your membership!

We have many options in memberships to fit your budget and fitness goals.

  • Prepaid and Monthly Payment Plans
  • Unlimited and Limited Weekly Session Plans
  • 1, 3, 6, 12 Month Term Plans
  • 12, 24, 36, 72 Session Plans

Many plans can get you unlimited personalized training for under $100 a month including meal planning.