The Power of Protein

Benefits to Boost to Your Fitness

By Becky Christi-Olson, Omaha Fitness Manager

Losing weight can definitely be a struggle. From finding time to get a work out in, to saying no to a slice of pie at a company picnic, or being the only one not having ice cream on a family outing, weight loss is definitely a daunting task. The task can be even more daunting if we are trying to make changes in our diets after a lifetime of developing unhealthy nutritional habits. The struggle though, doesn’t always have to be real, or difficult, or frustrating. There is one easy change everyone can make in their diets that can have a profound effect and that change is creating a diet that is rich in protein.


Protein is a macronutrient that is composed of amino acids made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. The amino acids are essential, being the building blocks of muscle mass (National Institute of Health).  Protein can be found in animal products as well as nuts and legumes. “When protein is broken down in the body it helps to fuel muscle mass, which helps metabolism. It also helps the immune system stay strong. It helps you stay full. A lot of research has shown that protein has satiety effects” (Live Essentially, protein is vital to weight-loss as it can boost your metabolism and make one feel full. There are countless other benefits to protein such as:


  • Maintaining muscle mass
  • Increasing levels of amino acids essential to the creation of muscle protein
  • Regulates appetite
  • Promotes muscle growth and fat reduction

With so many benefits to offer it is clear that adding protein to your diet is crucial to your weight-loss goals.


Great Vibrations makes it easy and uncomplicated to ensure that you have access to quality protein in order for you to jumpstart your weight loss goals. Our certified and experienced personal trainers are available to make your protein shake right after your Great Vibrations work out. Whether it was upper body, lower body, or cardio day, adding a shake to your Great Vibrations routine will prove to have noticeable benefits with consistency and commitment. 


So put some shake in your shaker, and ask about our freshly-made protein shakes to boost up your weight loss goals.

The Power of Protein